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Trainee Posts - 2022




Post Title -

 Trainee - Forensics (QDHF)

Advertisement: 2022-2023

Job Schedule:

Full-time (Annual Basis)

Job Features:

Forensic Trainee post is only for freshly forensic graduates or post-graduates for the purpose of gaining practical knowledge, to gain experience and to learn the skills etc. will be trained especially for a job. After completion of the annual period- selected candidates having good performance will be promoted to regular official posts as per their qualifications and skills.  


Trainee will learn & assist in following activities: 

·        Investigation of Forensic Documents, Handwriting, Signatures, and Fingerprints, Cases etc...

·       Case Solving / handling as well as consultancy. 

·       Court Visit (As per requirement) 

·        Forensic educational consultancy

·        Management of Office as well as lab work, Training, etc...

Job Place:

Pune (Maharashtra)


 B.Sc or MSc. in Forensic Science

Experience Required:

Only For Fresher

Stipend / allowance:

A stipend is a nominal sum of money paid to trainees & interns to help cover basic costs during their trainee / intern period in organization.

Will be paid annually after completion of 1 year or in Two Installments (6 Months + 6 Months = Biannually) decided after a performance in Interview, and Brief / basic details provided in Online Application Form.

Language Known:

English, Hindi and/or Marathi. 

Interview Schedule and Selection Process:

 Candidates will receive an email or call if shortlisted. 

Apply Online -


Note : These dates are tentative and subject to change. Candidates are advised to check website regularly for updates.

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