Saturday, June 8, 2019

Junior Forensic Expert and Forensic Expert

Current Opening for Junior Forensic Expert - (Jan. 2020)

 (Forensic Document & Fingerprint)
Post Title - Junior Forensic Expert
Advertisement : 2020.
Job Schedule:Full-time / 1 vacancy
Job Features:
  • Investigation of Forensic Documents, Handwriting, Signatures, and Fingerprints, 
  • Case Solving/handling as well as consultancy. 
  • Court Visit (As per requirement) 
  • Forensic educational consultancy
  • Management of Office as well as lab work, etc...
Job Place:Pune (Maharashtra)
B.Sc / MSc. (Forensic Science)
Experience Required:Only Freshers can apply. 
Salary:Will be decided after a performance in Interview
Due Date of Application:25 June 2020.
Language Known:English, Hindi and/or Marathi.
Apply Online -


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