Forensic Science Dept.


IFS INDIA is a Government Registered Organization having its own Forensic Science Lab. which provides various types of forensic science services i.e. Investigations, Expert Opinions, Education, Certification, Research, Scientific Equipment, Fingerprinting etc.

IFS INDIA has a team of Qualified / Experienced Forensic Experts, who have solved and given opinion on many criminal & civil cases like- Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Verification, Fingerprint Comparison, Fraud or Forgery Detection, Handwriting / Signature Comparison; Examination of fraudulent additions, deletions and alterations, anonymous letters report, Fingerprint fraud detection, Fingerprint for Visa or Immigration purposes, Employee background check and verification etc…

IFS INDIA Experts are Consulting Expert of many Govt., Public and Private Organizations for both criminal and civil cases.

IFS INDIA’s experts, scientists, investigators or analysts are trained from/by various Forensic Experts and Forensic Labs in many Forensic Science Fields such as Cyber Forensics, Handwriting analysis, Documents analysis, Fingerprint identification, Cyber Crime etc.

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